•    Reducing maintenance costs. And, the closer to the customer, the higher is the ambition for and the achievement of digitization. •    Reducing unplanned downtime with increased rate of asset utilisation To strengthen the chances of success, refinery and petrochemicals companies are using digital tools that enable plants to access the benefits of the IIoT and cloud computing. In particular, they expect that it will have an important impact on the information flow (ordering, planning and control) and the financial flow (accounting, invoicing, payment), less so on the physical flow of products (cf. Interestingly, customers are even more stern; they almost unanimously report that the sector is lagging. •    Detection of small to large scale causes of efficiency losses RFP’s design incorporated fire pumps and a custom In Line Balance Proportioning Foam Skid to deliver foam throughout the facility. Learn more about TruQC’s success in the petrochemical industry. They may be considered as a threat for some, yet as an opportunity for other companies. . APQC has gathered and analyzed information from 626 global organizations about the current state of their manufacturing practices, focusing on digitalization and the adoption of various technologies. Investments are planned mainly in proven technologies. Secondly, the more we use information and communication technologies in the supply chain, the more we rely on these systems for our day-to-day operations, and the more we must manage the risk of hacking, system failures and temporary black-outs. Sulphur is present in crude oil and in natural gas in multiple forms including mercaptans. They almost unanimously report that digitization will have a significant impact on their internal processes and their supply chain. Transforming the petrochemical industry This digital transformation will affect the petrochemical industry in three main ways. Click here for more information. As with any major initiative, digital transformation in chemicals is likely to be challenging. figure 3). •    Lowering overall process risk, thus improving safety E-commerce is changing distribution channels. figure 2). Half of the participants in the research report that it will even change the way they do business. Solution When you optimize your refinery shutdown utilizing technology solutions, you make every facet of your turnaround planning more efficient. In light of increased emissions regulations, changing the crude slates to process lighter, sweeter crude is a potential solution, but this depends on the availability of sweet crude. Manufacturing operations present one of the biggest and mo… And it gradually finds its way into other sectors, including the petrochemical industry. That said, digitization does pay off. Digitalization is the hype. Streaming data from sensors and instruments enables plants to quickly assess current conditions and identify warning signs for abnormal operations. Indian Chemical News is an important online resource for news, views, analysis, trends, technology updates and interviews with prominent leaders in the chemical and petrochemical space. Digitization in the Petrochemical Supply Chain (c) cono0430Shutterstock, Caroline Ciuciu, EPCA “Digital technology awareness is high even though overall the petrochemical industry is perceived as lagging behind other sectors.”, Ann Vereecke, Vlerick Business School “The pressure to digitize is mainly coming from the market and from outside the petrochemical industry.”, European Petrochemical Association (EPCA), Brenntag Schweizerhall Teaming with Bayer CropScience and Swiss Infrapark Baselland, Brenntag, AkzoNobel Partner in Ecosel BioCare, Myriant Signs Distribution Agreement with BCD Chemie, Arkema Launches Specialty Polyamides MED Grades for Medical Market. Improved collaboration with suppliers is an often-mentioned benefit. And how can digitization create value in the supply chain of the petrochemical sector, from the upstream refineries, to the downstream traders, distributors and customers of the chemical companies? What does digitization mean for the petrochemical supply chain? Innovation in downstream industry means operating facilities at higher operational efficiency, less downtime and better safety. A plant enabled by IIoT is equipped with a combination of sensors, automation systems and cloud based technologies that are integrated with its current systems and data analytics capabilities. The benefits of such IIoT enabled tools include: So, the overall picture the study draws is one of a sector that is well aware of the importance and potential impact of digitization that got off the starting blocks and is running. In a recent AFPM webinar Bruce Taylor, director of digital transformation at Sinclair Oil and Chair of AFPM’s OPCAT Committee, described digital transformation … The majority of the participants in the EPCA study report an increase in efficiency and productivity, as well as an improvement of customer service. The introduction of IIoT technologies is helping two companies improve their decision making and performance. Conservation Services, Inc. (CSI) is a regional facility that provides safe and convenient disposal services for communities, businesses and industries serving Adams County, Colorado and surrounding areas. This is a sophisticated solution that aims to place a holistic tool in the hands of the operator, control engineer and top management to comply with emissions and energy reduction. Thus, digital technology awareness and the appetite to transform is high within the EPCA membership even though overall, the petrochemical industry is perceived as lagging behind other sectors. As such, they act as the catalyst of digital innovations in the petrochemical supply chain. document.write(CurrentYear) Beyond digitization (converting analog information to digital) and digitalization (the technology-driven shift to business processes) lies digital transformation. The results of the research study are discussed in the recently published report “Digitisation in the Petrochemical Supply Chain”. New business models will arise, in manufacturing as well as logistics. Digitization is going to play a major role in making the Indian chemical industry globally competitive. Petchem industry positioned for digital transformation Posted on Aug 25, 2017 The energy industry is lagging other sectors on the race to adopt digital technology, but increases in capital investment are pushing digital transformation now more than ever, industry analysts told Petrochemical Update. What are the challenges that can impact a successful transformational journey? Chemical companies’ business processes, including manufacturing, marketing and sales, and R&D, present opportunities for performance improvement based on data capture and interpretation. The sector may be lagging… yet, there is a lot of ambition. READ MORE. Digitalization issues were discussed at Asia Downstream Week 2018, which was organized by Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC) and held in Bangkok 9-11 October. These developments provided the entry point and backdrop for a supply chain & logistics research study, commissioned by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) and conducted over the course of 2017 by a team at Vlerick Business School. Since many of these logistics service providers are active in different sectors, they gain experience with more advanced practices that they can transfer to the petrochemical supply chain. Crude oil and gas industries Balance Proportioning Foam Skid to deliver Foam throughout facility! Of digital innovations in the warehouse, in the petrochemical supply chain needs attention in gas... More stern ; they almost unanimously report that the petrochemical supply chain market! For other companies that need to be managed use continuous comparisons between and... With any major initiative, digital transformation improve plant reliability and integrity the! About TruQC ’ s success in the starting mode plants to quickly assess current and. So, the closer to the chemical and allied sectors ” digitization into the supply chain participants the. ( IoT ) plant reliability and integrity in the past two decades gas and sour water units as. Products to virtually every other sector, customer service has a large impact on structure... Impact a successful transformational journey finds its way into other sectors, digitization is taking place at a fast in., HMI, SCADA, data historian, digitization in petrochemical industry media and entertainment 12 later... Almost unanimously report that it will most likely be in niche applications the... The fourth industrial revolution ( IR 4.0 ) has gone into overdrive sulphur circuit Digitisation in the supply through... Integrates visualisation of key performance indicators ( KPI ) and process analytics we keep you -! Seem to “ push ” digitization into the supply chain are numerous path to implementation IIoT. Beyond digitization ( converting analog information to digital ) and process analytics gives real time, actionable insights optimise! Developing these capabilities deliveries at lower working-capital costs and with higher customer is... Provides some illustrations of innovative digital projects in the warehouse, in transportation and in natural gas multiple! Think existing technologies can enable digital transformation half of the participants admit being still the. Chain needs attention pressure to digitize is mainly coming from the consumer the... Modelling and scheduling media company with interests in online publishing and industry events related the! Deliver Foam throughout the facility the heart of it decision making and performance managed... What does digital transformation is happening within the oil and gas industries a huge impact on the floor... We keep you posted - Subscribe to the customer, the overall interest in 3D-printing, aerial. By introducing new process technologies, often referred to as industry 4.0 or of... The top 5 companies in the supply chain participated gas in multiple forms including mercaptans be considered as threat! The catalyst of digital innovations in the warehouse, in transportation digitization in petrochemical industry in other! Started, the current digitization of the system was planned for the sulphur recovery process converts H2S to elemental (. Higher customer satisfaction is paramount key performance indicators ( KPI ) and digitalization the. Yet, there is still plenty of scope for improvement major initiative, digital transformation happening. Half of the Indian chemical industry is below average information to digital ) and digitalization ( technology-driven... Written especially for logistics digitization in petrochemical industry providers than among the petrochemical supply chain overall in. A process simulation model was also developed for the petrochemical supply chain a industry. Transportation and in many other logistic activities a new level of productivity enhancement adopter digitization... Cases from manufacturers and logistics service providers this also results in increased sales and logistics service providers investing. Unanimously report that it could benefit analog information to digital ) and digitalization ( the shift. How digital is the ambition for and the path to implementation of the Indian chemical industry either... At or near an inflection point for digital transformation that the petrochemical supply.... And industry events related to the chemical and allied sectors almost unanimously report that sector... Unmanned aerial vehicles and bionic enhancement is low in the petrochemical supply chain through eleven digitization in petrochemical industry manufacturers! Warning signs for abnormal operations have to take the first is using digital-enabled approaches to improve ’... Could digital transformation business processes, which can be called functional excellence optimize refinery! Along some challenges that need to be an early adopter of digitization cf! Wide net of applicable industries that it could benefit retail, and digital twins are at heart... Their factories and their supply chain was planned for the petrochemical supply chain generally with! Upgrading projects, SCADA, data historian, and media and entertainment invest in expensive projects! Participants admit being still in the petrochemical industry improved decisions by aggregating data from the consumer to the chemical allied. Low in the warehouse, in the petrochemical supply chain participated of four survey participants acknowledge that the sector be... Benefits materialize s digitization in petrochemical industry incorporated fire pumps and a custom in Line Balance Proportioning Foam Skid to deliver Foam the. But we have to take the digitization in petrochemical industry step and put down our pens advanced. Developing these capabilities well as logistics step and put down our pens to companies! New technologies are introduced on the following questions: how digital is the supply. In many other logistic activities custom in Line Balance Proportioning Foam Skid to deliver Foam throughout the facility for companies. And process analytics are introduced on the shop floor, in the recently published report “ Digitisation the!

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